Review: Swashbuckler and Shipwrecked Scented Soaps

Rating: ★★★★★
Arcana Soaps

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It’s good to smell like a pirate.

Think you’re dedicated to your love of piracy? Do you have four pirate hats, three frock coats, and more cutlasses than you can swing a parrot at? Think you’re dedicated? Let me as you this: Do you wash daily with pirate soap?

Dress Like a Pirate now offers a line of handmade pirate soaps. I sampled two of them – the Swashbuckler and Shipwrecked.

Swashbuckler is the perfect pirate soap – black as sin and emblazoned with a golden imprint of the jolly roger, scarred into the very surface of the soap itself. With such ingredients as Australian black clay and bay rum, this is truly the choice of seadogs – at least those that shower. The smell is sweet and rich, and quite prominent when the soap’s in use (although it’s much more subtle afterwards.)

Shipwrecked is more the soap of beach bums. Its aroma is very slight, and the sea salt mixture used genuinely makes me feel like I just spent the day at the beach, although it also dries out my skin a bit more than swashbuckler as well.

For myself, I’ve made Swashbuckler my standard soap. Shipwrecked didn’t suit me as well, although it was certainly of a fine quality, and you may well find it to your likeing. Dress Like a Pirate currently offers two more varieties – Shambhala and Filthy Viking. These also might suit you, but I think I’ll stick with Swashbuckler 🙂

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