Review: 10 Cane Rum

Rating: ★★★½☆

Though certainly the most enjoyable, rum reviews are also one of the toughest subjects I tackle. This isn’t always the case, but now and then I’m confronted with a factor that is unique to rum alone amongst all my reviews – it changes.

Actually, that’s not wholly accurate. True, being an agricultural product, one bottle of rum (despite sharing the same label) is not always identical to the next. This poses a challenge. But what’s more, *I* change as well. Whether it’s my ever-developing appreciation for the product, or simply alterations in the weather, the fact is I don’t always remain consistent in my opinions. What’s fantastic one day might fall a little flat the next. And so on.

10 Cane fell into the opposite category. I first tried it a couple years ago, shortly after it took the rum scene by storm. Seemingly overnight it went from unknown to being displayed on the top shelf of every bar and tavern in my city. But upon trying the stuff, I was befuddled. I found it severely lacking in quality, and surprisingly strong of unrefined molasses (a real kicker, considering they brag the complete lack of molasses in 10 Cane’s creation, being instead spawned by pure sugarcane juice.) I never got around to reviewing it, because I honestly didn’t care to drink enough of it to give it a fair evaluation. Upon giving 10 Cane a second go – primarily on the recommendation of a reader – I found it to be a rum of some, if not total, quality. To the nose it strikes of creamy molasses, and just a touch bitter. To the tongue, it’s light and buttery, with finish that’s a little alcoholly for my taste. 10 Cane is a light, and somewhat shallow rum, boasting little complexity or layering. But it’s also enjoyable in its own fashion, being less intense than many of the more aggressive rums available. An interesting rum to try, and a potential favorite for those with a taste for light rums.

4 thoughts on “Review: 10 Cane Rum

  1. My comment is about the 10Cane Rum. Overhyped and underflavored. If you like a drink redolent of rubbing alcohol and baby powder, this is it. I like a rum with character. For pale rum, I prefer Wray&Nephews Overproof.

  2. Agreed. Overhyped and marketed to metrosexuals. 10 cane is not so much rum, but instead more of a shit poor quailty rhum agricole or slightly Cachaca. For the price, give me real rum like El Dorado 15.

  3. I have to disagree with the two of you. I like this rum as a bit of rum-candy on the rocks, if you will. Yes, it’s simple and sweet. It’s not a rum that will kick you in the face and leave you asking for more, but sometimes I don’t feel like being kicked in the face.

    …but maybe I’m just a metrosexual. 😉

  4. During my 2+ years in the ’80s working at Club Med resorts in the Caribbean, I drank and served a lot of rum. Barbancourt, Mount Gay, and 10 Cane are my favorites. Try 10 Cane with 1/2 a lime, some ginger-infused sugar syrup, and soda water to taste. If you’re ever in Haiti, visit the Barbancourt distillery — not to be missed.

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