Review: Angostura 1824

Rating: ★★★★★
Angostura 1824

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In this world, perfection is a very rare thing. Good things are common, and even great things can occur now and again. But when perfection walks by, our jaws hit the ground and we stand in awe. Perfection isn’t merely remarkable for all that is right about it, but also for all that’s not wrong. In an imperfect world, everything has flaws. But when we see perfection, damned if these flaws can be spotted.

Rum Angostura 1824 is aged twelve years and then hand bottled. The bottle itself is a thing of beauty, adorned with ribbon and medallion, gold lettering and a true wax seal around a wood-handled cork. I’ve expressed my love of gorgeous bottles before, and why not? A craftsman that takes true pride in their work will want to present it in the finest packaging possible. Based on this bottle, I’d say the makers of Angostura love this rum indeed (as well they should.)

To the nose Angostura 1824 is cool and savory, but in the throat it’s warm and deep. The flavor is sweet, but not overly so. It lingers of over-ripe berries, and just a little spice. Not remotely harsh, this rum is both invigorating and comforting. It’s meant to be sipped and cherished, and shared only with the closest of friends.

One thought on “Review: Angostura 1824

  1. ahoy there shipmates

    this is indeed a fine rum and i don’t really likes the rum! but this transcends the category and moves into the sphere of fine brandies.

    a fine tot an’ no mistakes me hearties!

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