Review: Appleton V/X

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Appleton V/X

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from Internet Wines and Spirits

This isn’t a rare rum. It isn’t expensive. Which is precisely why it deserves a glowing review. This has become my staple rum. I’m no longer a big rum & coke drinker, and many of your grocery store level “real” rums have fallen flat to me. But Appleton V/X is a fine deal – rummy but not too harsh. It gives the illusion of possessing depth while remaining shallow enough that you need not think too much. The perfect rum for a tired pirate doing late night web work or playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates – which is exactly what I use it for.

Internet Wine and Spirits says this rum has an “unctuous big finish.” What the hell does that mean?

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