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Rating: ½☆☆☆☆
Bacardi Select

Bacardi has long been at the forfront of rum, at least so far as nightclubs and bars are concerned. A staple of mixed drinks, I’ve long avoided drinking the stuff straight. But having explored rums far and wide, it seems high time I finally take a swig or two of what’s been readily available from day one.

I’m unclear which is meant to be Bacardi’s premiere sipping rum – either Bacardi Select or Bacardi Solera. For this review, I tried the Select. I bought a bottle, poured a glass, and gave a long overdue fair shake to this rum I’ve so long avoided. And the result?

C’mon, Bacardi. Is this really the best you can do? The largest existing distillery with the greatest resources at your disposal, loads of heritage beneath your wings, and you call this retch “Select”? Gosling’s Black Seal probably dumps better rum than this down the drain – and sells a better product for half the price. So do others, for that matter.

To the nose, Bacardi Select is sickeningly sweet – more like cough medicine than anything one would willingly ingest. Beneath the sweetness is a hint of bananas, along with other varied over-ripe fruits and berries. The taste is similar, being what a milkshake would be like, were it made from molasses, and whatever fruits had turned brown on your shelves. It’s an experience that screams “imenant hangover” with the first sip.

For those that have difficulty reading between the lines, I did not care for Bacardi Select Rum. Each sip caused my nose to twitch to one side, and not in a good way. I have never held Bacardi Rum in high regard, and their “Select” rum has only reenforced this opinion.

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  1. Try Bacardi 8 Reserve Rum Smooth and flavorful, sweet. On the rocks it maintains its full flavor. Similar to if not better than Appleton extra

  2. my wife bought this when we were on a rum kick. (thank god i bought some ocumare!) i hate to pour liquor down the drain, so i’m sure it will be killed by the rum/coke and rum/oj crowd at our next party.

  3. It is a good mixing rum where a dark molasses rum is used.
    I think its original name “Black” is more accurate.
    The name “Select” is a marketing ploy.
    It is NOT a sipping rum.


    “Reintroduced as Bacardi Select, this was previously known as Bacardi Black. The young age of the rum comes through in spite of the caramel coloring. This is, however, a good rum to mix in rum cocktails to give them extra color.”

  4. I agree this rum was awful. I do not believe this is a renamed ploy of bacardi black because bacardi black was, well, drinkable. Bacardi select in my opinion tasted like black olive juice. Even tried shots just to get rid of the bottle. First shot I’ve ever spit out, and I’ve had some pretty bad shots (old crow, early times, brunettes etcf)

  5. Right on Bilge! At The Rum Project, Sue Sea and I recently decided to put aside the Bacardi Bias and review the Gold, Anejo, Select and 8 Year in a Bacardi Smackdown.

    All but the Select impressed us. The 8 Year is a well done, straight ahead and harmonious example of a classic Cuban style. Were it more complex it would be a top rum.

    The Gold was an eminiently sippable light rum, smooth and pleasant and can easily do double duty for sipping, with or without ice, or mixing.

    The Anejo is what we call a “Dangerous Rum” – is definitely richer than the Gold and a seriously pleasant lighter sipper, that will also mix very, very well.

    The Select – despite its name and alleged “upwards of four years” of aging, and Bacardi’s promotion as it’s richest rum, well – how do spell M-O-L-A-S-S-E-S? It starts with a bitter molasses, asparagus nose, jolts into a kind of coke syrup, and into a smothering and indistinguised finish.

    Sue Sea gave it a 6, I couldn’t do better than a 5, our lowest rating. Now to be fair, it may be terrific as a floater, but this territory is owned by Meyers’s Original. As for sippiing… NOT.

  6. Lol most rum is used for mixed drinks not sipping unless its high end rum, bacardi is a steal if you like mixed drinks compared to other alcohols, your review is kind of worthless cause no on tries to sip a 12 dollar rum. I tried a sip of the bacardi oakheart just to see about the taste and it wasnt bad but I always mix my drinks. This bacardi is supposedly good for darker coctails and rum n coke. Mojitos are the best even with dark rum it works, just gives it a spicier flavor.

  7. As a pirate I drink alot of rum mixed with cola
    and this is my favorite. If you don’t like it; don’t
    drink it. Har, Haarrr

  8. I have a VERY OLD bottle of Ron Bacardi-Anejo tastes good and I think it will heal anything!

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