Review: Blackbeard’s Reserve

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Blackbeard’s Reserve

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The best of rums, the worst of rums. Ah, Blackbeard, how you’ve teased me. My brother brought up a bottle of Blackbeard’s Reserve 25 Year Aged Rum once when he came for a visit. Glorious bottle with a gloriously dark rum inside. And the taste? I don’t know that words can describe it. Let’s just say, some people look for smoothness in their drinks, others look for sugary flavors – me, I want to feel like I’ve been smacked in the teeth with a strap of leather wrapped around a gold-plated peg leg – and Blackbeard delivered like none other. I was in love.

Later I had the chance to purchase a bottle of Blackbeard’s Reserve 26 Year Aged Rum, and at a fraction of the price of the 25 Year. Not cheap, mind you, but still cheaper than the other. The taste? Gunpowder soaked in rancid spider venom, and not in the good way. Guess I know why it was cheaper.

My heart is wounded, but like the awkward high school geek who still pines for the prom queen that humiliated him in front of the entire class by pointing out that his pants were on backwards, I still long for the day that my original Blackbeard experience may be revisited.

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