Review: Captain Morgan’s Private Stock

Rating: ★★½☆☆
Captain Morgan’s Private Stock

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Way back when I decided it was time to move up from Rum&Cokes, this was the rum I started with. Higher quality than standard Captain Morgan, it was very drinkable. The spiciness was appealing and exotic, and it nicely toned down the shock that would normally accompany drinking rum straight for the first time, thus making for a very smooth introduction.

Now that I’ve been drinking rum a few years I decided to try Private Stock again. And while the spiciness is still very heady and inviting, the “rummy” side of things just wasn’t quite there. While I’m grateful Captain Morgan was there to usher me into a wider world of rums, I don’t think I’ll be drinking this one straight very much in the future. But I do enjoy a Rum&Coke now and then, and I try to always have a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock on hand for precisely this purpose – when mixed with cola, I’ve yet to find its match.

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