Review: Cruzan Black Strap

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Cruzan Black Strap Rum

I’ve been told Cruzan Blackstrap is one of the rums that most closely resembles that of the British Royale Navy, which may explain why so many of them defected and went pirate. They should have called this “Mike’s Spiked Molasses”, as I can sum it up in just a few lines:

Smells like molasses.

Tastes like molasses.

Leaves a distinctive, molasses-like aftertaste.

But all is not lost – it might be tough to drink without a grimace, but I can’t think of a better way to start your morning than pouring a few ounces of this 80 proof stuff on your pancakes. Yarrr!!!


Hot dog! A reader actually took up my suggestion and told me about it – here’s what he writes:

Ahoy thar mate!

Well…I’ve entered the true ranks of piratedom.
Saturday morning I was making flap jacks….when a thought popped into me head….why not follow the sage advice of the Bilgemonkey and try the Cruzan Blackstrap over me flap jacks?!

So…I did.
Now this would have been best if it had been on the teak deck of a 40 foot schooner somewhere in the Caribbean…tropical breeze blowing, turquoise waters shimmering.

And that’s where I imagined I was as I poured the nectar over the flap jacks, stabbed a few pieces with me fork and hoisted them into my watering mouth.

What followed was a sensation that I figure would have been liken to being tossed out of the crows nest and plummeting into the warm waters below?!

Your still alive…but trying to figure out what just happened. Dazed, but willing to try it again.
Only this time add the sweet sap from the northern most states of North America.
Then, it truly is a pirate breakfast treat….Slap Jacks!!!

Capt. E.
( Fan and fellow pirate )

4 thoughts on “Review: Cruzan Black Strap

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the description of the rum when consumed neat. I cannot mix it with anything without getting that molasses taste. The reason I am replying is to let you know that I use it regularly in a very interesting recipe. I make a drink known to me and my crew as “Hot Apple Pie”. It’s basically hot buttered rum with apple cider instead of water. I find the taste of this rum compliments it very well. I have made this drink in the past with Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan, (two of the best mixing rums out there and the most accessible for the price) and I have gotten compliments on the new recipe even when all I changed was the type of rum used.

  2. Wow, if you enjoy a “dark and dirty” you will find this amazing. I was hunting down “Newfoundland Screech” in NS when a gentleman customer suggested I try the Black Strap . I took his word but I selected both types for a comparison test in case I didn’t like his suggestion.
    His suggestion was on the mark! It has a unique flavour and aroma. It is now on the top of my list. Some may find it a bit sweet with Pepsi or Coke but you just have to try it once (with diet) if you consider yourself a “black rum drinker”.

    Screech is an underestimated smooth rum which I find better than Capt Morgan’s.

  3. Until I tried Cruzan, I was not a rum drinker, not even a alcolhol drinker. Things have changed. How dare you not let this secret elexer known to everyone sooner!! I have missed out 50 years. Now I have to, must, catch up. Oh pity me and everyone around me. This is going to be a fun trip!!

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