Review: Cruzan Single Barrel

Rating: ★★★★☆
Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

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Third time’s a charm with Cruzan. I’d previously tried Cruzan’s Estate Diamond and Blackstrap rums, and was rather unimpressed in both cases. But with Cruzan Single Barrel I finally see why Cruzan is a household name amongst rum enthusiasts.

Cruzan Single Barrel is sort of the “girl next door” of rums – more wholesome than exotic, yet spunky and intriguing nontheless. The flavor is smooth, sharp, and a little bit peppery. It goes down easy, and is probably one of the more approachable premium rums I’ve yet to experience. I’d definitely recommend it to newcomers – it’s unintimidating, but still packs enough flavor to be the real deal.

I will gladly revisit this rum when I’m exhausted from being bombarded by the complexities and hazards of so many other rums (harshness, various undertones, a metaphorical kick in the face), and wish to instead bask in the steady reassurance that THIS is a top-notch rum, plain and true.

Comfort rum.

2 thoughts on “Review: Cruzan Single Barrel

  1. Perhaps I got a bad bottle, but my experience with Cruzan Single Barrel rum is similar to your experiences with their other rums – bland and boring. It wasn’t BAD by any measure, but it was hardly there.

  2. I’ve tried to introduce Cruzan Single Barrel to people I know who claim to enjoy rum. What I’ve noticed is that since Cruzan lacks that decided “kerosene-like” flavor of inferior rums like Bacar… {nobody says the “B” word”} they believe that are being cheated on the ‘drunk potential’. All I can say is “More for me!” :^)

    Single Barrel is meant to be sipped, slowly, a fine crystal glass, an wee dram of water to open the spirit up, good company, and good conversation. That’s the way life should be.

    Definitely not recommended for anyone born after 1980, it’s simply too complex for the young :^)

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