Review: El Dorado 25 Year

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El Dorado 25 Year Rum

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El Dorado 25 year rum carries the distinction of being one of those few rums old enough to legally drink itself. As such, it’s auspiciously packaged in an elegant, understated glass decanter complete with a ship logo. The rum inside can be clearly viewed, and is a soft, deep amber color.

When poured in the glass, this rum smells very sweet, and is quite sharp on the nose, burning the sinuses in a way that is sure to grab some attention. And if it doesn’t, the first sip surely will. It burns – quite pleasantly, and quite lingerlingly. Flavor is rather beside the point at this stage, as the sensation overwhelms.

The second, like all subsequent sips, is notably gentler, although it does retain just enough burn to remind you who’s boss. But it also opens up enough to reveal a syrupy sweetness. This rum notably thickens on the tongue, and has a musky finish that’s both warm and edgy. It does not, however, have much else going on.

El Dorado 25 is a decent rum. It’s enjoyable, but lacks remarkable character. And being as it boasts a remarkable price tag, this comes as a definite let down. I’d happily pay $20 for this bottle now and then, but not $300+. As an ultra-premium rum it falls quite flat when compared to many, many others that are far more affordably priced.

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  1. Damn right, its a great rum! Anyway Guyana is one of the places if not the best place, that produces really good rums.

  2. This is the best rum I’ve ever had and I have had well over a 100 different ones. Well worth the price at least once in your life if you give any value to your taste buds. This review is terrible and does not accurately reflect the perfection that El Dorado has bottled here. If you want a less expensive alternative check out their 21yr with is also very nice at about $75 depending on where you get it.

  3. Sorry, Micahel, that you find my review “terrible.” I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that rum reviews, like all matters of taste, are incredibly subjective, and I can only do my best to convey my own experiences in the matter. Recently I tried another taste of my El Dorado 25, and did indeed find it slightly more complex and nuanced than I did at the time of this review three years ago. But not nearly enough so as to change my overall impressions, and definitely not enough for me to recommend anyone drop $300+ on one of these overpriced bottles.

  4. If you have money to waste, this is the best rum money can buy. Seriously, you will be addicted to this stuff. With that said, if you’re a little tight on money, I recommend at least ordering a drink of this stuff if you have a local restaurant that sells it. It truly is a different experience than any other rum I’ve tried.

    Also, like Micahel stated, they have a variety of different aged rums. I suggest the 15 yo. Both their 15 yo and 21 yo have won many international awards as well.

  5. I have to go along with Michael. This is my favorite rum of all the over 120 in my home collection. Of course at the price, it’s reserved for very special occasions. One way to appreciate it is to taste the El Dorado 12, then step up to the 15, the 21 and finally to the 25, to see the dramatic differences between all of these fine rums. Maybe Bilge doesn’t appreciate demerara rum?

  6. Indeed, Jack. The world of rum has a wildly divergent range of flavor profiles, and I confess I’m not a fan of them all. Demerara, Agricole, and rums listing themselves as “Solera” have pretty much failed to impress me, not necessarily in quality, but in that they stray too far from what I love best in my favorite rums. Fans of such rums are likely to find my opinions at odds with their own.

  7. As bartenders of over 10 years and tasted well over 150 rums, it’s up there with best rum’s we’ve ever tasted, if not the best. If you are biased towards your favourite flavour profile, then stay in your favourite flavour profiles mate. Otherwise, if you compare this to a similar aged rum from, let’s say Jamaica, this emphatic “burn” you seem to solely notice will be a meek shadow. I find the review misleading and would like to know of these other rums you value as super premium, also you failed to mention anything of what goes in the bottle.
    Cheers buddy

  8. I’ve had a few shots [on the rocks] of this rum over the New Year holiday and I’ve got to say that by FAR it’s the BEST tasting rum I’ve ever had.

    If you’re a rum connoisseur, you need to try it to know.

    Simply the BEST!

  9. I brought one bottle from Guyana three years ago. And opened it when my daughter was born, two weeks ago. I’m happy that I picked really the best rum for the best occasion. (btw I paid $100 for the bottle in Guyana)

  10. now please tell me why in your right mind if you really know anything about rum would you even dare give el dorado 25 year old rum a 3 out of 5 star rating. I really have to ask you what rum you would rate a 5 star. There is nothing less than remarkable about this rum.

    I really have to ask this. which rum is a 5 star. Bilge I could not diagree with you more. Are you going to tell me that bicardi amercan made rum is good? i hope not cuz its cheap garbage. are you going to tell me that appleton 30 year old is better than El Doraldo 25 year old cuz its 5 years older? or are you going to be honest and let people know that even the 12 year old XM demerara rum from banks (but really sourced from ddl rums and its banks own 12 year blend which is different from eldorado 12) taste quite the same as appleton 30 mixed with Gold Cap Appleton Estate Rum (8year old appleton)? wouldnt you be surprised if you had the change to go to Guyana and try some xm 12 year old and note that even the 12 year old guyana rum is better than most other rums on the market.! im really not making up things here.

    Eldorado is not that cheap garbage that you get when you buy screech rum or bicardi or captain morgan. Please let me remind you the number one in rum is Guyana. The number two in rum production is Barbados or Trinidad ( Mount Gay and Angostura is extremely good rum, but if you call the owner of Mount Gay or Angostura personally he will tell you that they cannot match the rum that comes out of guyana.) Then I would be honest and say that Flor de Cana also produces some of the best rums possible. Flor de cana again has the south american sugar cane and are also one of the originators of rum production. Then I could be honest and say Appleton is a lot beter than any amercian or canadian made rum.

    Even go to the county of St Lucia where they make a remarkable rum called chairmans reserve! Did you know that the cane is imported from guyana. It all depends on the quality of the ingredients and the quality of the woods that the rums are aged in. You cannot beat El Dorado 25 year Old. you simply cant. i dont work for the company but i wish i did, i would get fired on my lunch break for sneaking a sip of the 25 year old on camera on the job! On the palate of this rum is burnt cane, sweet molasses, very light orange zest, cloves, nutmeg. it even has a bit of an oily texture and just goes down remarkably smooth. there is not a more well rounded or better produced rum Im sorry. if there is it might be a 58 year old rum or 60 year old rum but not in the 20-30 year old category.

    Now this is a rum review. If you know anything about rum then you know what im talking about.

  11. Bilge i do have to agree that this rum is expensive, but when considering the quality and the price tag for appleton 30 or the cost of a bottle of hennessey xo being around the same, i would definitely buy my bottle of fermented sugar cane over crushed grapes from borderires and grange champagne regions. sorry this is by far worth every penny. you shouldnt buy this is you are light on the pocket, but rather buy the 12 year old el dorado for your regular weekend rum and if you get a work bonus this year treat yourself to a bottle. i know i will be doing so this xmas 2011. Peace


  13. Orin, you clearly like El Dorado more than I do. You also clearly felt a need to comment excessively on my reviewing standards without bothering to read any of my other reviews. Had you done so you wouldn’t have asked such moronic questions as to whether or not I consider Bacardi to be a five star rum. Try doing a little homework next time before flying of half-cocked. Merry Christmas.

  14. Kraken 4.5 stars , El Dorado 25 3 stars, I’m sorry but that says it all , bilge munky is appropriate!!! Good luck with your rum experience, next time taste the rum before you burn your mouth with a hot piece of pizza!

  15. Not at all, Dean – I rate a $15 spiced rum differently than a $250 top shelf sipper. Sorry, but if a rum disappoints for its category, it scores lower even if it’s technically “better” than other, cheaper rums. I’ll rebuy Kraken, I would never rebuy El Dorado 25 – it just isn’t worth it’s cost.

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