Review: Gosling’s Gold

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Gosling’s Gold Rum

I’m to the point where I pretty much recognize every rum in all the local stores, even if I’ve yet to try them. This is why it’s so much fun to see a new face, and that goes double when it’s produced by a brand name for which I’ve a fondness.

Gosling’s Gold came out of nowhere – never heard a thing about it – their own website doesn’t even mention the stuff. Truly uncharted waters, I naturally had to check it out.

Gosling’s is most famous for their Black Seal rum – a blacker than black concoction that casts off any pretense of character or subtlety, instead opting for the “I am rum – hear me roar” approach. Not for amateurs, but now that I’m a bit more experienced it’s a very worthy experience.

I was unsure what to make of an amber rum from these folks, and now that I’ve consumed the better part of the bottle (NOT in a single evening, thank you), I’m still rather unsure. The flavor is less intense than Black Seal, but doesn’t carry much in undercurrents or complexity. It does, however, carry a slight spiciness, both in smell and taste. Strangely enough, I drank most of the bottle never noticing that characteristic, but now it seems clear as day. Go figure.

All told, I’m not sure Gosling’s Gold brings anything unique to the table – not spicey enough to be spiced, not “in your face” like its sibling Black Seal, and not swimming with complexity and warmth like many other ambers. It seems like a new rum still struggling to find its identity, which may be precisely what it is.

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