Review: Inner Circle Red Dot

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

I’ve been reviewing rums for some years now, but tonight we’ve hit a first for me – a rum from the land down under. I’ve heard legends that such rums exist – even stories of one with a polar bear on its label, which makes no sense whatsoever. This is not the polar bear rum – this is another rum. One with a spot on its label. A red spot.

Inner Circle Rum is bottled and labeled in an understated, classy manner. Its website boasts that this is a rum not created for the likes of us – the bourgeois, pedestrian sorts – but was rather developed for the upper, snobby crust of society (and yet the website also boasts a skull&crossbones pattern in the background. Go figure.) It also boasts many awards – a factor that means increasingly less to me the more I learn that the folks who bestow such awards have entirely different expectations of rum from myself.

So enough prattling – let’s discuss the rum. It’s a slightly subdued amber, not quite as rich or red as it appears in the photo I took. To the nose, it immediately indicates the flavor profile I’m finding more and more in premium rums, and so much the shame. Light, with a strong overcurrent of over-ripe fruit. The taste is much the same, hitting the back of the mouth much harder than the front, with a dominating finish that borders on overbearing.

I don’t much like this rum. Perhaps I’m a poor judge, as I’ve clearly found that I prefer rum that tastes like, well, rum. True rum in the British or Spanish traditions. Not the strange perversions that are the French, Indian, or – I now find – Australian rum. These strange, alien flavor profiles just don’t seem to be what rum should be, and while I’ve found exceptions now and then where a “non-rummy” rum is still a thing of beauty, this time around just doesn’t strike home.

6 thoughts on “Review: Inner Circle Red Dot

    He is not a friendly animal and doesn’t not make very good rum. Too often have the words “Bundy is Shit!” passed my ears (and lips)
    Fairly warned be thee says I

  2. ‘Tisn’t good advertisin’ for the female demographic, that’s for sure. It would seem that “the Red Spot” is also a common pirate term for menstruation amongst the lasses in the Bilgemunky Radio IRC chatroom.
    Easily the worst name I’ve ever heard for an alcoholic beverage since ‘Skull Splitter’ or ‘Old Jock’.

  3. Aye, be warned of the rum bearing the polar bear, it is foul and spitely stuff. The red dot is indeed also a bloody affair but if you can get your hands on some of the Inner Circle Green Dot, you will not regret it. Fine stuff…

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