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And I quote:

“We love great rum and that’s why we made Kilo. It’s uncompromising. Take a sip of Kilo straight. Do the same with any other spiced rum. Enough said.”

Thus reads the back label of Kilo Kai, and thus is the reason I had profound respect for this rum before I even opened the bottle.While the two primary spiced rum contenders are duking out who has the highest proof, Kilo seems focused on making the better product – and they’re doing so with an “in your face” attitude that any pirate can respect. The bottle is tall and dark, the logo forms a rather intimidating skull that any rum would be proud to bear, and the back label – well, any rum that challenges its drinkers in such a way is off to a fantastic start in my book.

But enough about bottles, labels, or ballsy attitudes – let’s actually consider the product itself. To the nose, Kilo Kai is light, and with a profound overcast of vanilla and just a touch of caramel buried beneath. It’s sweet and candy-like, while the presence of any alcohol astringency is virtually nonexistent.

On the tongue Kilo is instantly warm and spicy, followed by that sweet vanilla. It thickens on the tongue and develops an almost toasted quality. Upon swallowing, it leaves a pleasant chill behind. This is a rum that goes down very, very easily. And while it’s 70 proof is a bit shy of many other rums, I’d still advise caution.

Kilo Kai’s rum roots are pretty well concealed beneath the added flavors, so this isn’t a rum for those seeking a “pure” rum experience. But when weighed as a spiced rum, it stands remarkably well against the competition. Less spicy perhaps than Morgans and Jerry’s, but significantly more pronounced in the creamy vanilla department. It drinks remarkable well on its own, and would be absolutely astounding in any number of mixed drinks, be it a simple rum and coke or some froofy tiki concoction. Whatever your choice, definitely give it a try.

10 thoughts on “Review: Kilo Kai

  1. I was very impressed with Kilo Kai. I’m somewhat new to the world of rum, and prior to Kilo liked Private Stock the best. Kilo has a very unique flavor profile, that upon tasting you can tell much thought was put into developing. Any rum drinker, seasoned or novice can appreciate that. I bought this rum solely based on your review (well the snazzy bottle was a little convincing) and I couldn’t be a more please wench.

  2. I’m hooked. Best spiced rum I’ve had. To mix this stuff would be akin to crashing a Lambo doing 40MPH. Drink it straight, slowly. You’ll want to stock up on bottles after your first glass.

  3. I bought a bottle of Kilo KAI 70 Proof because I have been personnally rating rums for a while. However, Kilo is unlike any I have tasted. At first I was interested in it’s very distinctive aroma, that of Gardenias. There was a peppery after thought with a hint of orange but only briefly. Continued sampling always reminded me of the overwhelming aroma of Gardenias. This was a problem for me. The more I sampled this rum,the more the aroma invaded my senses. There is no way to enjoy this rum. It hasone dominant character. The ever present aroma of Gardenias. I would not recommend this rum unless you enjoy the fregrence of gardenias continuously.

  4. Kilo Kai is the best spiced rum I’ve ever had. I usually drink CM Private Stock and bought this to try because I really liked the bottle and wanted to try something new. Wow, glad I did. It was an unusual taste at first because I’m used to Captain Morgan. It’s a spicy vanilla taste that is wonderful. Not too much vanilla, just a hint. I did not notice a floral taste at all like another post. Best Rum & Coke I ever had. Kilo Kai & Coke please!!

  5. I also bought this rum because i myself love all types of spiced rum and i fell in love with the first Kilo and coke i had it blends perfectly i personally find it better tasting than captain and coke. I have turned many friends onto kilo and havnt looked back since.

  6. Why people drink their Rhum with overpowering koke befuddles me. If you like rum with your coke, drink Ron Matuzelem or heaving hurl. I prefer the taste of my rums if I ever feel the need to mix I would rather use leomon-lime soda, ginger ale or ginger beer.

  7. Definitely the best spiced rum IMHO. I agree with physh; DON’T drink this with Coke. I find Sierra Mist Natural to be the best mixer; otherwise, drink it straight up.

  8. I absolutely loved the Kraken. I loved it half way into may first glass.

    I’ve only bought one bottle so far. Which I found it was spectacular on the rocks. I’m new to rum. I normally drink scotch, but I found the color of the rum and the bottle very enticing.

    I drank half of the bottle the first night I got it. The next morning I woke up with a hang over: a general malaise, a head ache and a combination of a stomach ache and nausea. That would be the only complaint I’d have about this rum, is that it gave me a hang over. I can drink is much scotch as I like and I don’t wake up with a hang over.

    Otherwise it’s great. It has a fantastic aroma, flavor, and is rather smooth, and is cheap.

  9. I flat love this spiced rum, I’m sipping three fingers with a finger of coke zero. It’s my go to beverage at home.

    I love the creamy vanilla finish. Everyone I have introduced agrees it is delish and wants to know where they can find it.

    Tonight I was heartbroken BevMo didn’t have any and none of the employees could tell me if it was a short term thing.

    Last thought they are no longer doing the cool bottles. They are clear now.

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