Review: Mount Gay Extra Old

Rating: ★★★★½
Mount Gay Extra Old Rum

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An opulent panorama of exquisite aromas and ambidextrous luminosity. Or something like that. I’ve not mastered the english language enough to write one of those fancy sounding reviews. But if I had, this rum would deserve a lion’s share of 50 cent words and phrases.

My first experience with Mount Gay was their Sugar Cane Rum, which is quite possibly the foulest rum I’ve ever tasted. It took some time before I was ready to fork out the cash for another Mount Gay product. A leap of fearful hope and low expectations – I was quite expecting Mount Gay Extra Old to put another nail in the coffin and send me off their products forever. But I was surprised. VERY surpised.

This is probably the most perfectly balanced rum I’ve ever tasted – aged enough to achieve character and class, yet still retaining its approachability and youthful vigour. Light and tingly in the mouth, it captures almost all the characteristics I love in my rums – sharp and intense, every sip is is an experience to be savoured. But there’s no harshness. No skunkiness or charred undercurrents that so commonly accompany an aged rum. Quite simply put, it’s fantastic.

Mount Gay’s website claims this to be the finest rum in the world. I have far too many rums yet to try before I could even contemplate agreeing with them, but I have to say – this is definitely a top contender.

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