Review: Myers’s Original Dark

Rating: ★★½☆☆
Myers’s Original Dark Rum

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There’s nothing subtle about Myer’s Dark Jamaican Rum – the name says it all. A quick whiff of the bottle will tell you that it’s heavy, cool, and smells of copper and oak. This is rum, and it tastes like it. The grocery store is full of rums I’d never drink straight, not even in cases of direst adversity. But then, most grocery store rums are white. Or spiced. Or flavored. Myer’s, however, is rum. Uncomplicated and unapologetic.

Fine for mixing, superb for cooking, and, in a pinch, decent in the mug.

3 thoughts on “Review: Myers’s Original Dark

  1. Ahoy! I’m Donny Bahama (son of Tommy Bahama) and I make Hawaii’s best Mai Tai. The secret, of course, is the rum, and the best way to make it completely undrinkable is to use this swill (Meyer’s) to make it. I’ve given the recipe out to many (it’s no prized secret, all I ask is credit where it’s due – don’t be laying claim to my recipe as your own) and the one thing I always tell people is that the one ingredient which can NOT be substituted (especially by Meyer’s) is Whaler’s Dark Rum.

    I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed it. It’s marvelous stuff. Quite enjoyable straight up. You’ll find it at Trader Joe’s and BevMo. Email me if you want “Donny Bahama’s Best-In-Hawaii Mai Tai” recipe.

  2. Wow – visits from Tommy Bahama’s own brood! Tropical royalty indeed!!!

    I’ve not yet tried the Whaler’s Dark. I have a bottle set aside for review (Rare Reserve Dark, with the colorful ship art). I’m sure to get to it in time.

    Aye, we’d love to learn of your Mai Tai recipe! Feel free to shoot it my way and I’ll post it – complete with due credit, of course!

  3. Tried Whalers Dark Rum (not reserve)
    It is nasty stuff. Awful aftertaste on back
    Of tongue!

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