Review: New Orleans Cane Amber

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Cane Amber

Earlier this summer I had the great pleasure of visiting a rum distillary in New Orleans – and it was during this visit that I first experienced their premium rum (indeed, the first time I’ve experienced any of their rums) while overlooking a warehouse full of hundreds of rum barrels. Truly, this alone makes the experience worthwhile, and if you’re ever in a position to see the rum process firsthand I highly recommend it.

Cane Amber is unlike any rum I’ve ever tasted – indeed, it’s rather unlike rum entirely. Were I to try it in a blind taste-test, I’m certain I’d have it pegged for scotch. Fortunately, I rather like a scotch now and then. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly well-versed enough in the world of scotches to review it on these grounds.

On the rocks Cane Amber is light and tingly, clinging to the back of your throat with that gentle warmth I’ve come to expect from scotch. Although technically a rum, it’s rumlike qualities are almost nonexistant, save for a light layer of sweetness. It’s very good, mind you – just not very rumlike. Well worth trying if you’re tired of the “same’ol” rum. Also, it might make for a good “gateway” rum, something to slip to your scotch-drinking friends in an effort to lure them into the more robust and manly world of rum drinking.

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