Review: Plantation Rum – Barbados

Rating: ★★★★☆
Plantation Rum – Barbados

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The first rum I tried from this line,Plantation Trinidad, was rather unremarkable. But after having such a fantastic experience with Mount Gay Extra Old I decided to try for another Barbados home run, and Plantation delivered in spades. It tingles across the tongue to the point of burning, and then settles into the back of your throat with a soothing warmth. This isn’t a rum to drink casually, as every sip demands to be noticed.

Sensations aside, the flavor is very much that of an amber rum, but with a kick. Not musky, as in a dark, but lively and sticky-sweet.

I enjoyed this rum immensely. So much so that I almost finished the bottle before reviewing the thing. A fine rum for the price – well worth picking up.

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