Review: Pusser’s Blue Label

Rating: ★★★★☆
Pusser’s Blue Label Rum

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After a long day of harassing portuguese lepers, you’re likely to want a healthy reminder that you’re still alive – and nothing does so quite like Pussers. Tasting of pepper and spice, each sip is rich and brutal. It burns the tongue in the very best way possible, and each swallow feels like ingesting raw warmth.

Perhaps no other rum in existence is more closely connected with its British Navy roots. Not only does Pusser’s boast sole ownership of the actual formula used by the limey fleet (before the shortsighted navy opted to forgo grog rations in favor of sobriety, that is,) but they also donate a portion of all proceeds to programs that benefit Brit swabs to this very day. This is all admirable, but not nearly so noteworthy as the simple fact that this is an affordable rum that kicks you in the jaw with the same gusto as other rums four times the price.

5 thoughts on “Review: Pusser’s Blue Label

  1. I purchused a bottle as a Thanksgiving treat to meself and I am not disappointed. Yes it does kick and burn but after a few sips it gets better. My mainstay of rum is Myers Dark which sits next to my bottle of Pyrat. Now with three to choose from my choice depends on just how salty and how may verses of Dead Man’s Chest I wish to recite. A fair price for a great rum. A rum that takes no quarter and gives the same in return.

  2. Bilge, bravo!

    Apart from say MGXO, or Appleton Extra, mayber El Dorado 12, the most classic, most authentic rum of all simply has to be the official rum of the British Royal Navy.

    For hundreds of years BRN rum was considered essential to the operation of the navy. Rum was the currency of the time, and provided both solace and energy. Rum kept the sailors (and pirates for that matter) on the job. Rum was the oil of the times.

    From the perspective of truly understanding rum, it is mandatory to understand its history – from Barbados, to Jamaica, to Guyana, to Haiti, and finally Cuba (setting forth the basis styles of rum).

    British Navy Rum was and remains magnificent. If you don’t like it, if you prefer the modern trend toward toward faux light rums, laced with unlabeled sugar, smoothers and additives, so be it.

    Those who prefer the latter will never really understand real and authentic rum. By taking the time to work with Pussers, your skills, understanding and appreciation will improve immeasureably.

    Again, Bravo!

  3. Never could bring myself to say something nice about this Rum

    Costs more than Goslings Black Seal and does not deliver as much as Black Seal by far

    I forsake tradition on this Rum ain’t super

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