Review: Pyrat Pistol

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I know it still has it’s fans, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to talk them out of their enjoyment. But to me, Pyrat rums seem a few years past their time. Somewhere a while back they changed their formula – the beloved Pyrat XO went from a fine rum to merely decent, the infamous Pyrat Cask 23 fell from extraordinary to – again – decent. And Pyrat Pistol? I never had the chance to try it before the change, but today it doesn’t strike me as something you need to seek out.

Pyrate Pistol tastes virtually identical to its sibling XO – plenty of citrus with a tiny touch of musk. But the finish is more bitter than is XO, and even while still on the tongue it carries just a bit of harshness. Basically a slightly inferior rum to XO, but without the significantly cheaper price tag to make it all add up. XO these days can be had in many markets for a song, so if lightweight citrusy rum is your cup of grog, that’s where I’d stick.

6 thoughts on “Review: Pyrat Pistol

  1. The fruity rums have nice bottles and thats about it. Because of loss of hours at work i’m down to getting a bottle a month 🙁

  2. Thankyou!!!! I have thought for a while, that Pyrat had become mediocre…at best!!!!

  3. I’d have to agree. Now that you’ve got me addicted to the dark, seductive, evil in a bottle rums, the latest offerings from Pyrate don’t do it for me. This one? It’s tasty, but not worth the price.

  4. I just bought a bottle of pistol. They couldn’t find price so they Sold it for $14. What is normal price? And since I thought pyrat was the best…what do you recommend as dark, evil and the best tasting sipping rum out there?

  5. I don’t often buy Pyrat Pistol, but I’m pretty sure it generally goes for around $20 in these parts, so $14 would be a good deal. As to dark, evil rums, I’m a huge fan of Goslings (Black Seal and Old Estate.) Sea Wynde is also quite good, although more in the range of an amber (but a definitely manly amber.)

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