Review: Ron de Jeremy

Rating: ★★★½☆

I’ve reviewed many a rum over the years – and sampled far more than even that. But Ron de Jeremy is most certainly my first experience with a rum made in honor of an adult film star. Ron Jeremy is a legend far beyond his work within the adult film industry – indeed, he’s one of those people who are famous simply for *being*. You don’t need to be a fan of his work to recognize him in the street, nor, I’d wager, to enjoy his rum.

Reviewing Ron de Jeremy invites all sorts of temptation at juevenille humor. But I’m going to try a different tack – let’s talk about the rum itself. In the bottle, Ron de Jeremy is a class act. A short rotund package (god help me, the jokes aren’t so easy to avoid after all… strength…) features an aged label displaying the rum’s name and vital stats, along with a line drawing of the man himself. The rum inside is amber, and upon uncorking one is met with the fruitier, sweeter side of rum. Sugar and bananas meet the nose, as does a faint vegetal quality much akin to standing on the beach right next to a tropical forest.

On tasting, this is a rum from the gentler side of things, warm and with just a little bite. It has a comfortable, fruity finish with a hint of caramel and vanilla. Not exactly the sort of bold, fierce rum I generally prefer in my piratey fury, but definitely a worthy contendor for the more genteel sophisticates out there.

Jokes will abound, and I’ve already seen people express a fear of drinking anything with Ron Jeremy’s name on it. Yes, the man has sex for a living. Yes, he’s very hairy. And yes, this rum humorously juxtoposes its classy packaging against Ron’s seedy reputation. But those afeared to try this rum are truly missing out. And besides, would you rather be drinking a rum that honors virginal monks? They call that “cognac.”

note: At the time of this writing, Ron de Jeremy is in limited production, and can only be ordered online. Visit to grab yourself a numbered bottle.

5 thoughts on “Review: Ron de Jeremy

  1. Another fine rum for the Captain’s private collection (right next to the large growler o’ Kraken)!

    One thing about Señor Jeremy, he has always had a fine sense o’ humour – and the ads for Ron de Jeremy are no exception. The interactive”Choose Your Bartender” bits on the website are well produced and entertaining – and the interview with 72-year old Cuban Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez is enlightening.

  2. He’s got a helluva website. I like the interactive drink mixing clips. Now I seriously want to get a bottle. He definitely knew what he was doing with the promotions. Best of luck to ye, Ron!

  3. I found your site searching rum’s reviews, and happy to see this one as it could be a “funny gift” for a friend but was wondering if it was a good rum enough.

    Appart of that, you should try “Agricole” rhum like from the french caribeans, as you have very few reviews about them. They have much more spirit and strenght, as you seem to like this quality, and really different tastes than molass rums. The only one you tested, Saint James, is not representative as it is for me as Bacardi is for cuban rums

    I’m indeed french, and unfortunately they are more expensive because of taxes. Just to be fair I have to say that however I prefer Demerara or Trinidad rums.

    Last, an advice for your reviews to be complete, just add in one word on top of each : country, process (molass/ agricol, solera/double casked, etc.), years of aging, and it would be perfect.

    And thanks for all the job !

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