Review: Ron del Barrilito Three Star

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Ron del Barrilito Three Star Rum

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Normally I don’t expect much from a screw-top rum, but there are exceptions. Gosling’s Black Seal comes to mind, and now I have Ron del Barrilito Three Star to consider as well.

Heady, smoky, yet surprisingly smooth, Ron del Barrilito makes for a preciously rare combination of subtleties. It gently sweeps along the tongue, and is followed by musky caramels that gently warm as they pass down your throat. Heavy and comforting, it’s like having Blackbeard himself sing you to sleep (and discovering that, despite all odds, the brute actually carries a tune rather well.)

Ron del Barrilito is my first Puerto Rican rum, and I pray it won’t be my last. A sincere “thanks ‘n fair winds” to Linda Fuentes for seeing a bottle my way!

8 thoughts on “Review: Ron del Barrilito Three Star

  1. I was at a real nice resort in Puerto Rico and fell in love with Ron del Barrilito rum.
    I wish I could find a way to get it to denver at a reasonable price!

  2. Hey man!
    Yor first Puerto Rican Rum?

    So you never had Bacardi??

    Not to compare with Barrilito*** or La Favorite from martinique but it is Puerto Rican.

  3. True point, Bobo – and good catch. When I wrote this review more than six years ago I didn’t really acknowledge the Bacardis of the world as being “actual” rum, and therefore literally didn’t even think of them when thinking about Puerto Rico.

  4. I thought I had found my favorite rum which is the dominican Vizcaya (vxop) which is a staple for my home bar, but as this is proof, if you can believe, the reason I’m here is because I just discovered ron del barrilito!!! stole this bottle From my dad’s liquor cabinet following a party that left him with more liquor than he knew what to do with. I enjoyed it iced, with a splash of coke and a twist of lime, omg! I can’t wait to find it at my local spec’s so I can compare prices. I bet it still will be less than vizcaya which usually costs around $40 the 750 ml. And my cuban fiance, puerto rican born never has heard of it! Si este es el mejor Ron del mundo, pa’ que tu lo sepas! Viva puerto rico, viva “cuba libre”! Cheers 🙂

  5. This is neither rum nor whiskey. It is not palatable nor mixable with anything. I believe it is joke played upon unsuspecting tourists visiting the islands. I received this as a gift from my boss. I wish I could tell him that I threw the bottle out. Aging rum in whiskey barrels, really, someone should have their head examined. I have been to the Carribean, and have tasted the best rums. This can NOT be classified as a rum. Period.

  6. Stuart, you are Dbag, this makes a fantastic Cuba Libre and very little coke is needed with the smooth flavor.

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