Review: Ron Pampero Anniversario

Rating: ★★★★☆
Ron Pampero Anniversario

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Anniversario is everything a rum should be. In the bottle it’s dark and inviting. To the nose it’s warm, smooth, and gently spicy. And to the tongue it’s deep and tingly. This rum isn’t so much distinctive as it is classic. From its presentation in a uniquely squat, individually numbered bottle wrapped in a leather bag, through its first, second, and umpteenth sip – this is a rum to be enjoyed time and again.

2 thoughts on “Review: Ron Pampero Anniversario

  1. I’ve had this rum before and it’s pure heaven , if i remember right it came in a draw string leather bag too!
    I Also love the El Dorado 21 year old when i can get it !

    Both are very easy to sip or shoot and once there open , the words “why is the rum gone”? comes to mind !

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