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Sailor Jerry Rum

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I’ve not stumbled across too many “premium” spiced rums (i.e. those that can be enjoyed alone.) In fact, Captain Morgan’s Private Stock is the only one that comes to mind. Still, Sailor Jerry caught my eye, and I remember reading somewhere that it worthy of being consumed straight, so I gave it a shot.

Like Morgan’s Private Stock, the smell is very spicy, but Sailor Jerry doesn’t smell as “rummy” as Morgans – less alcoholly too. I found the taste followed suit, being very spicy, but very “middle ground” – no rum, but no alcohol in the flavor either.

In Coke, Sailor Jerry makes a very decent drink – much like a Cap’n Coke, but with a slight cherry flavor. And again, less rummy.

It’s the “less rummy” part I keep coming back to. While I don’t care for my drinks to taste like lighter fluid, I’m a fan of rum and don’t care to have it overpowered. Or in Sailor Jerry’s case, completely masked by supplemental flavors. Now and then I still enjoy a good rum & coke, and sometimes even enjoy a spiced rum neat. I think I’ll keep reaching for Morgan’s Private Stock – Jerry just doesn’t quite impress.

8 thoughts on “Review: Sailor Jerry Rum

  1. Less rummy, yummy yummy. I like me Jerry, Munky! Sprinkle some on your corn flakes and try to keep tha spoon from jabbing out your eye, pard!

  2. Strangely, I was out of rum yesterday and I was heading out to restock my “everyday” favorite, Gosling’s Black Seal.

    I spotted a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s and I thought that I would give it a chance. At nearly $25 for a litre, I was a bit apprehensive, but I have a “deck-warming” party to go to today and I figured that the worst thing that could happen was that I would be making a rather pricey Rum Punch for the event. I have to admit that the Olde Timey label on the bottle of Sailor Jerry’s was what compelled my purchase.

    Upon cracking open the screw-top and inhaling, I first noticed a sort of chocolate scent that departed in a vapor trail of rubbing alcohol. “OK, it is a Tattoo Artist’s Rum after all” and I so, I tried a good sip. Like the snifter test, there is an immediate sweetness, followed by a pregnant pause of numbness, quickly replaced by what can only be described as rubbing alcohol to kill the palate, which it does very effectively.

    I will not say that it is terrible, but I don’t think that Sailor Jerry’s rates the price point that I am seeing on the shelves. Half on this new bottle will “hit the deck” in the aforementioned Rum Punch. The remaining half will become the base for my own “Captain Cutter’s Toasted Coconut Spiced Rum”

    Waste Not, Want Not

  3. Sailor Jerry’s is the best.. If you wanted to get f*cked up this is your go to brand.. It is much smoother and way more flavorful than Captain Morgan and you get the extra alcohol content for almost the same price.. This is not an alcohol for nancy’s it’s for a true hardcore party animal. 🙂

  4. Sailor Jerry is to coke that a lime is to tequlia. the paring is super I find it to have a vanilla undertone with a cherry nose having tried the capt. and pussers. while I enjoy pyrate untarnished Sailor Jerry is middle of the road for the long term drinking while watching a ships hull burn arggg

  5. I’ve been a fan of Sailor Jerry for a few years now. I find the vanilla/almond flavor very pleasing. Add it to a Dr. Pepper (sounds odd, I know) & you have a match.

  6. This is not a rum for sipping thoughtfully while writing poetry. This is the stuff you reach for when you’ve had a week from hell and need something supercharged but moderately smooth with cola to get hammered and forget it all for a day or so.

    As far as flavour, the first impression of vanilla quickly makes way to a stunned system shock followed by a 3-ring circus of other spices, mainly led by cherry.

    I drink this stuff until the girl on the bottle starts to look like the girl that got away in my 2nd year of college. Then a couple more snorts of it and it’s done its job.

  7. I first purchased this rum due to the marketing. My body is adorned with Sailor Jerry flash…I am a big fan of his work. I can pick up this rum for the same price as capt…but enjoy the taste much more. Its not top shelf by any means, but sure beats Adm. Nelson…

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