What’s the Deal with Bilgemunky Radio?

From July 2007 through May 2012, Bilgemunky Radio featured the most diverse collection of pirate-themed songs fit for human consumption. Sadly, we’ve closed up shop, but more than 200 podcasts are still available.

Bilgemunky Radio – The Complete Collection
also available in iTunes

If you’re still hungry for more, then check out Scoundrel’s Inn, who’ve taken up the banner and done the devil’s best to keep the dream alive.


Why’d I start?

Because the world is mostly unaware of the wealth of pirate music out there. Sea shanties and festival ditties, sure, but there’s also pirate rock, pirate jazz, pirate rap, and so much more.

Why’d I quit?

Many reasons. Partly I was getting restless and wanted to try something new. Partly because my computer was buggy and I lacked the technical wherewithal to continue live-streaming a quality show. And partly because the rum dried up.

Will Bilgemunky Radio ever be back?

I consider it sometimes. But most likely, no. If it were to return, it would have to be something new—the next evolution of pirate radio rather than more of the same. But hey, did I mention Scoundrel’s Inn? They’re fighting the good fight, and are well worth your weekly attention.