No Podcast This Week :(

Sorry, all, but there won’t be an episode of Bilgemunky Radio this week. Our steaming streaming server had some fatal errors during last night’s broadcast, leaving us with dead air. I won’t bore you with details, but rest assured I’m doing my best to ensure next week’s show puts us back on track!

3 thoughts on “No Podcast This Week :(

  1. Sorry this happen to you Bilge. I hope all goes well and things are put to right!

  2. Now ya see what would ‘appen when the lil pirates inside the darn computer get into the rum?

  3. Too bad I enjoy your podcasts. One of the band I look forward to listening the most are the dread crew of oddwood, but lately the songs have been repetitive. If it is no trouble could you play some of the other dread crew songs from roctopus. Espesaly land ho 2. Thanks

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