Week 2 of No Bilgemunky Radio

Sorry, mates, but last night’s Bilgemunky Radio again experienced technical difficulties. We managed to crank out a partial show, but connectivity issues plagued us, and eventually killed the evening entirely. I’m working to suss out the problem, and hope to have it resolved by August 2nd. If not, we might just find ourselves on an extended summer break from pirate music. Please consider finding a way to better yourself with the free time – learn a foreign language, study cross stitch, or perhaps even build a robot.

8 thoughts on “Week 2 of No Bilgemunky Radio

  1. You need to qualify more: Learn a Foreign Language such as Spanish so you can taunt them in their own language, study cross stitch so you can sew up yer mates or embroider yer frock coat, or perhaps build a robot-pirate, to plunder for ye while ye sleep.

  2. I tried learning foreign languages and failed spectacularly, I cannot do cross-stitich any more cos it messed up my eyes and I kept havign to go back to hospital (true story) and the only thing I suck at more than foreign languages is mechanical engineering, so making a robot is out. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

  3. Are you just stalling so we will donate more money or are you waiting to see if the debt ceiling fails and we all have to go back to our pirate roots in order to pay our bills? Which is it Bilge?

  4. Better myself??? Are ye daft mate? We are pirates, the very pinnacle of human achievement.

    What the hell could I do to better myself? I guess I could become a god, but I understand that the job comes with a load of bloody responsibilities, thanks but I’ll pass.

    No I’ll be spending my free time drinking rum and planning my revenge on the plague of connectivity issues, no doubt caused by Spaniards or maybe the Dutch.

  5. I’ll not whine and complain about this situation but I hope the problems will be fixed soon… okay I’m gonna whine, and I’m gonna complain.

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