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So the Bilgemunky Page on Facebook has been live for a while, and slowly I’m figuring out just what to do with the thing (besides having a new way to cyberstalk my readers.)

But seriously, if you haven’t yet become a fan, then you should. Why? Because these days all entities are judged by their Facebook standing – more fans equates to an assumption of better quality, further reach, and fresher breath. You don’t want people to think ill of me, do you? That’s what I thought – so become a fan today!

4 thoughts on “Become a Fan of Bilgemunky on Facebook!

  1. I kinda dig Facebook more. #1, it doesn’t take 30 minutes to download a cluster F of ones page. #2 making comments, getting connected and even just leaving funny posts on someone page is also easier on FB.

    Myspace does have them beat with videos and music though. At this point, I say MS is really just an online version of a bands business card. (a business card that the band threw up on first).

  2. I hear you, Bilge. The Seabeaver is going through the same situation. It’s tough figuring Facebook out–especially when you establish a “page” and not a “profile”, because you’re a business. You don’t seem to have as many rights as a typical user. Not to mention Facebook seems very complicated for such a “user friendly” networking site.

    Nevertheless, I’m learning the ropes and getting better at it. So, (and I’m doing this shamelessly) if you’re interested, become a fan of The Seabeaver / Mizzen at:

    – Red Beard

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