Bilgemunky Radio Playlist 11/30/09

That’s right – why have I been posting Bilgemunky radio playlists to MySpace all this time? I *hate* social networks, so why not right here at ground zero? Well, there’s no easy answer because there *is* no answer. So here, from now on, is the Bilgemunky Radio weekly playlist!

1. Pirates R Us – KYAR Pirate Radio (3:55)
2. Mizzen – Cannonball Goes BOOM! (3:16)
3. Captain Bogg & Salty – I’m A Singin’ Pirate (3:12)
4. Barley Boys – Captain Grog (2:26)
5. Salt Sea Pirates – Gold or Gallows (4:04)
6. Abney Park – Airship Pirate (4:02)
7. Brine & Bastards – Whiskey Johnny (1:23)
8. Alestorm – The Huntmaster (4:59)
9. Ceann – Monahan The Mutineer (4:18)
10. Bounding Main – Randy Dandy O (3:13)
11. Pirates Charles – Farewell to Nova Scotia (3:46)
12. Ben Gunn Society – Pirate Queen (2:42)
13. Dogs in Doublets – Ninja Pirate Monkeys (1:45)
14. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Pirate Christmas (3:34)
15. Pirate Jenny – Scabby the Seaman (2:01)
16. Rustmonster – Devil’s Children (4:26)
17. Jen Cass – Pirate (4:51)
18. Guy-Roger Duvert – Shiny Bones (2:32)
19. Pyrates Royale – Good Ale (4:06)
20. Salt Sea Pirates – Row Bullies Row (5:51)
21. Scurvy Pirates – Ballad Of Mad Tom Bucket (4:27)
22. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Rime of the Hip Hop Mariners (3:46)
23. Captain Darby O’Bill And His Matees Three – The Skulls On Skeleton’s Peak (4:40)
24. Skip Henderson – A Ballad Of John Silver (2:19)
25. Musical Blades – Davy Jones Locker (core) (1:12)
26. Pirates R Us – Touched By His Noodly Appendage (5:22)
27. Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel (2:55)
28. Karkadens – Let it Burn (3:27)
29. Ceann – All I See Is Red (3:00)
30. Sunken Chest – Monkey Knife Fight (demo) (4:09)
31. Rustmonster – Still A’ Smilin (short) (3:31)

After Dark:

32. Jollyship The Whiz Bang – Sleepless Fishes (4:24)
33. Jolly Rogers – Cuckoo’s Nest (2:39)
34. Alaskan Pirate & His Salty Seamen – Pirate’s Fancy (2:43)
35. Brigands – Get In, Get Out (1:59)
36. Brine & Bastards – Overboard (3:33)
37. Abney Park – Sleep Isabella (4:27)
38. Water Street Bridge – Do Virgins Taste Better? (3:49)
39. Dreadnoughts – Hottress (3:36)
40. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Calypso’s Crabs (3:18)
41. Brigands – Good Ship Veinus (2:52)
42. Valparaiso Mens Chorus – Sally Brown (2:16)
43. Captain Darby O’Bill and His Matees Three – Shake Your Booty (5:03)
44. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – It’s All About the Booty (3:49)
45. Salty Dick (Richard Docker, PhD) – The Dockyard Church (1:48)
46. Whiskey Bards – Oh Boy (1:49)
47. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Mutiny (3:00)
48. Scurvy Pirates – Fishpie (1:50)
49. Pirates Charles – Cat Island Whores (7:28)

15 thoughts on “Bilgemunky Radio Playlist 11/30/09

  1. Groovy. This does make it simpler to check. Though I dunno why you hate ALL social networking sites so. There is a lot to be said for some of them.

    Anyhoo, I’m curious, did you ever hear back from the Widow’s Bane? They’re a band I’d really love to hear sometime on BMR.

  2. Perhaps “hate” is an overly strong word, but I do think that social networks are time-sinks, overrated, and frequently mis-utilized. I could go on, but it would me for a rather cranky sounding, and non-piratey rant.

  3. I wonder if the Playlists would look better on the right-hand side (where you have the podcast link and banner)?

    I do like the idea of having the ability for us to comment on each playlist. It can give us a chance to re-live the previous night’s glory while coping with a hangover.

  4. I heard that, Red. I got a little carried away last nigh. Oh well… all in the name o’ fun.

  5. Good call, Bilge. I get frustrated *checking* social networks all the time, too. Of course, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have one the big Bilgemunky secret code contest. By the way, where are my prizes?

  6. Seriously, Bess. I’m a little upset that there was no true explanation of the contest / code. Since you won, why don’t you share what the contest and answer were?

    I guess I’m a little bummed that the one time Bilge uses Twitter, he sends out a code and I didn’t bother to investigate it.

  7. Seriously… especially for a guy that “hates” social networks to use the most useless one of all.

  8. When I started posting playlists I was still coding in HTML, and I didn’t feel like doing that for every episode of Bilgemunky Radio. So MySpace – being the only real alternative at the time – seemed a good choice. But then last night it occurred to me that I can just as easily do it right here now that I’ve converted to a blog format. And this way, people might actually SEE the playlists 😛

  9. Don’t worry, Bess – your prize is safely packed and ready to ship as soon as I can find the packing tape.

  10. Well, Red, the contest was pretty subtle. Bilge left a message on Facebook – something about dolphin being the key. Then he put the coded message on Twitter. But most important: on Podcast Alley (not exactly a social network) he put a note at the end of the 100th episode synopsis with the website So I figured whatever was in the Twitter message could be decoded at It wasn’t that easy – but once I figured out which code Bilge was using and plugged in the coded message – it told me to email him with the subject line “the manatee never rests”. So I did. And I won. And yes, the “key” in the code is the word “dolphin”.

  11. Yup, Red, I used Twitter. Which I hardly ever do, but since I get new followers each day to follow my perpetual silence, I figured I’d give them a thrill. But no decoder ring.

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