Bilgemunky’s Entry for Captain Jack’s Video Contest

As promised, here’s my own efforts in the Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats Video Contest, starring myself and my beloved “Captain Kidd” hat. If you’re also the proud owner of a Captain Jack’s Pirate Hat and haven’t yet made your own video, I believe you have until August. So snap to it!

Hopefully it plays ok – this is my first video of this sort, and the resulting file was surprisingly beefy (especially considering the low-res, grainy nature of it.) Oh well, if it crashes everyone’s computers, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

10 thoughts on “Bilgemunky’s Entry for Captain Jack’s Video Contest

  1. Grainy low-res, black & white,and a little spooky,just what a Pyrat short should be.Makes me wish I had a Cap’n Jack’s hat.
    to go with me RUM…..yarrrrr

  2. Bilgemunky wins another hat. Which is unfair to those who don’t have money for a new hat right now. But nothing in the pirate world is fair so drink up.

  3. Alright, I was tryin’ to find me camera to make a vid for Jeff MacKay, but honestly, none can be more honest and heartfelt than that by ol’ Bilge, sez I. You win, mate. Me own hat be off to ye!

    –Dave Nichols (aka Moondrake) Editor, Pirates magazine

  4. Glad you folks like it, but that doesn’t mean ya shouldn’t try to kick my ass and make one of yer own!

  5. Shoot th’ Munky!

    …no, really, shoot th’ munky, better our odds o’ win’n!

  6. Nice Bilge, very very nice. I still think you should have gone with my idea. LOL

    winner is u.

  7. Great stuff, Bilge! Yer video certainly inspired me to try my own hand at it. Even though we may be in competition, I do wish ye the best of luck. Hope you can check mine out as well!

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