Boba Fett Rum, coming soon!

I’m off to St. Augustine! Normally when I head out of town to live the life of a rockstar Pirate DJ, I just let this website flap in the breeze like a white flag above a Spanish galleon. But this time I’ve decided to take pity on you poor neglected readers – indeed, for every day I’m gone, I’ve scheduled a new post to keep you company in my absence. Mainly these are cool piratey pictures I’ve come across over the years and never really had any use for. Take this defaced Captain Morgan bottle, for example:

Pretty slick, eh? I hear the rum still tastes like Captain Morgan, so don’t get too excited. More tomorrow!

One thought on “Boba Fett Rum, coming soon!

  1. I Live in St Croix USVI and the Diagio Group who makes Captain Morgan Rum has relocated here from Puerto Rico.
    We Press ganged them to P.R’s Dismay an they ain’t happy, P.R that is!

    We also have Cruzan Rum so i guess we’ll never run out Ever !……… Yo Ho Ho and ten million bottles of rum as it were…………. I’m looking forward to crossin swords with the Captn when i see him at the plants official opening coming up real soon……………. Smooth Sea’s- Captn Killy

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