Breaking News: Sir Black Fox Isn’t a Big Loser…

Nope – despite his best efforts, Sir Black Fox, publisher of The Pyrates Way Magazine, won’t be the Biggest Loser on NBC next season – seems his audition tape didn’t make the cut:

But never one to give up, the Black Fox has taken it upon himself to shed the weight on his own, piratey terms. You can track his progress at

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Sir Black Fox Isn’t a Big Loser…

  1. Thanx mate. . . . every Saturday there will be a new 10 minute video blog. . . may not always be piratey but will show the effort overweight pirates have to put out in order to get healthy.

  2. Good luck to ya, sir! And remember – Captain Dan for cardio, Pirates Charles for strength training, Pirate Jenny for stretching.

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