Buy the Whydah Museum (but not entirely)

Pirate museum site up for sale |

Barry Clifford is selling the site of his long-time Whydah Museum, which also includes the private quarters portion upstairs. Of course, the Museum itself leaves with Barry, but that doesn’t mean the real estate itself isn’t plenty awesome – perched on the pier, it’s surrounded by water and includes several boat slips. And all this for only $5.5 million. Hell, I got that much lying in an old shoebox somewhere – if the place was only a little further south (I hate winters) then I’d snap it up in a heartbeat for the new Headquarters.

2 thoughts on “Buy the Whydah Museum (but not entirely)

  1. Wisconsin, actually. Believe me, if where I lived was solely determined by the weather, I’d be far, far away from here 😛

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