Do Mouse-Ears Fit Adults?

Holy carp, these are the coolest Mouse-Ears I’ve ever seen!!! I normally don’t go for Mickey hats, but dude, I’d wear these everywhere. Home, work, the bank…

Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey Mouse Ear Hat

Actually, while I’m as fearful as I am hopeful about the new movie, I have nothing but warm-fuzzies that Disney will merchandise the hell out of it. I don’t care a squat about movie action figures and such, but hats, hoodies, and other miscellaneous goodies? Disney has had a pretty good track record in that regard, as this hat clearly demonstrates.

5 thoughts on “Do Mouse-Ears Fit Adults?

  1. Having 2 different sets of pirate mouse ears I can only say yes.

    and I want to add these to my collection!

  2. Those totally rock! I really wanted the Jack Sparrow ones when they were making them (they had the Jack bandana and a his “piece of eight” dangle), but sadly they stopped selling them before I could get a pair.

  3. A few years back, the wench and I took our little ones to the happiest place on earth and it was the summer that PoTC 2 was out in theaters. Being the smallest ones first trip, her and I picked up the Jack Sparrow ears, had them embroidered with her name and on mine it proudly said “Dad”. I didn’t take mine off for seven whole days… They have a place on my shelf of all that is piratey goodness.

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