Dragon Speech hires Blackbeard as Spokespirate

Ok, they didn’t hire the ACTUAL Blackbeard, because he doesn’t come cheap. But they hired a presentable lookalike.

And now, by the Law of Genre Assimilation (Jack Sparrow says “savvy” so now all pirates say “savvy”, De Niro played an airship pirate, so now steampunks are are piratey, Barbossa gets a pegleg and pirate-enthusiasts all buy hacksaws, etc), speech recognition software should henceforth be incorporated into every pirate persona. Make it so.

One thought on “Dragon Speech hires Blackbeard as Spokespirate

  1. Well now…kids writing without actually writing? Good!
    At least they be using their brains and being creative.
    Better than sitting in front of the black box or black flat box now I guess?
    Maybe the next step will be venturing outside on a sunny day and joining in on the pillaging and plundering?
    Hoist a tankard mates…there might be hope after all!


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