Drunken Fan Video – Hopefully the First of Many

Is it an episode of Drunken History? Is it a Kraken Rum commercial? Or is it another politically motivated Pro-Bilgemunky puff piece? And it even has The Ben Gunn Society playing in the background, which makes this video more kinds of win than even your granddaddy could handle!

WAIT!!! Did he cut his lady off in mid-sentence in such a way that implied that Bilgemunky trumps boobs??? Holy cow, I bet even TALDEROY can’t brag on that one!

2 thoughts on “Drunken Fan Video – Hopefully the First of Many

  1. In my defense, I was pretty drunk, but yes, I did imply that the Bilgemunky trumps boobs (at least at the time). But don’t worry, the boobs were pillaged later……yarrrr!

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