Fell’s Point in Two Weeks!!!

It’s been a long winter, and with the exception of a fine weekend at the Port Radisson Pirate’s Rendezvous, a rather quiet one for me (if you don’t count rocking out to pirate-core every Monday night, of course.)

Anyways, I’m well and ready to head to Baltimore in two weeks and kick some pirate lords in the butts congratulate some Devil’s Dozen Honorees. The guest list is growing, and full of the sorts of swabs that are sure to make for a killer party – just add rum. They call it Fell’s Point Privateer Day, but there seem to be activities planned the whole weekend long. Hope to see some of you there!

Swashbuckler Soiree: www.fellspointmainstreet.org/soiree.html
Privateer Day: www.fellspointmainstreet.org/privateerday.html
Fell’s Point Pirate Invasion: www.fellspointmainstreet.org/pyrateinvasion.html

3 thoughts on “Fell’s Point in Two Weeks!!!

  1. Hey mate, we expect to tilt back a few quaffs o’rum with ye.
    Will ye be attendin the Friday nite do?
    Saturday, our performance schedule is likely to be busier then a one armed bosun’s mate, and quaffing amongst the hands will be punishable by any number of gruesome acts; however once the last chord has been struck…..

  2. Aye, Thighbiter – I arrive on Thursday, so should be able to attend all events, Friday night included! Can’t wait to finally meet you lot in person!

  3. We only pull in to the Admiral Fells on Fri, around noon, and do a set up and sound check at the Douglas Museum , and then free agents of change til showtime…. plenty of time to get into truble! What ever ye do, don;t eat before the Fri event – the food is AWESOME and free!

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