5 thoughts on ““French tradition rum”

  1. well why don’t you guys that haven’t even seen the ocean shut up and make your own rum then there’s no b(*&^^& you can call it whatever you want polly” pie juice or whatever else you think is piratey

  2. Not sure who yer addressin’, Steve, or what exactly brought on yer grumpy attitude.

    I myself have sailed 4 of the 7 seas of the ancient world. 5, depending on how generously ya count. I’ve spent more than a month at sea in a single stretch, and on vessels from wind to nuclear powered.

  3. Cutthroat may be french or possibly spanish which would warrant his reply after my own.

    Besides, if I made my own rum it would have such a nasty title that no one would even want to try it.

    “QM’s private juice stash. Freshly squozen” lol. you see where I’m going with this.

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