Provocateur has released a line of Pirate lingerie. Well, sort of. The pictures look awfully piratical, but if you check out which items are actually for sale all the good pieces seem to be just for the photo shoot. This image, for example – the only item they’re selling is the bottom with the suspenders. I mean, what now? Without the coat and boots, how the hell is leather leather hot pants with suspenders even remotely piratey? Or sexy, for that matter?

Nice try, I guess. But I’m not as impressed as I wish I were.

5 thoughts on “Hrmmm…

  1. See, the pirate stuff around is just a marketing trick. The bottoms were originally designed for Dukes of Hazard but the movie went cold. Now they are spinning a pirate idea instead.

    What’s funny is I’m completely joking but it’s scary how right I probably am. Yaaar!

  2. I think Bilge is not reviewing on purpose.. so he can keep looking at hot babes first on his page =)


  3. I think ifin they loose th’ shorts ‘n go with only th’ suspenders then they would have a WINNER by thunder!!

    I’ll Take 5 Pair – o’ suspender only wear’n read-heads that be! ;p

    ….but really Bilge, now don’t ye think dress’n her in anything more then a tricorn tis just a bit overkill???

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