I’m Off To BrethrenCon!!!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend is upon us, and I’m on my way to DJ (and more) at BrethrenCon in Denver Colorado! Don’t think Denver can hold its own as a bastion of pirate glory just because it’s, like, totally landlocked? I’d remind you that whereever there’s rum, pirates, and rockin’ pirate music, there’s a party! Hope to see lots of you there!!!


3 thoughts on “I’m Off To BrethrenCon!!!

  1. I think this post deserves a comment! I had an incredible time at BrethrenCon, and I’m monstrously pleased at how well it all turned out! Looks like all our hard work payed off, and I certainly hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did!

    It was great to finally meet you in person, and hopefully we’ll bump into each other at another event or two down the road, assuming I ever finally make it out of state for a pirate event (fingers crossed for NorCal 2011!). Cheers mate, and thanks again for coming out!

  2. Indeed, it was a fantastic event, McCool. I hope to write up a full after-action report this weekend. Had a great time, and it was great meeting everyone!

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