More Rum Goodie Packs (reviews forthcoming!)

Yes, it’s true. The spiced rums are clamoring for my attention. And who can blame them? I’m quite a catch, afterall. Stand by for reviews very soon for the Three-D Rums collection, featuring Voodoo Spiced as well as Redrum and Jolly Roger Lime Coconut. Actually, I’ve never reviewed three rums at once before, and I’m a little afraid of this one. No, not because I can’t handle three rums – but rather, the bottles are all shaped like coffins. And I don’t know if the marketing department knew this, but Redrum spelled backwards is murdeR (shiver.)

And after that, I also have this swell (hey, there’s a dated word) gift pack from Blackheart Spiced Rum. I haven’t yet opened the bottle, so don’t know what to expect. BUT, I’ve decided that from this point going forward, all rums that feature a hot pirate chick on the label will automatically receive a bonus 1/2 star when I rate them. If you think this might skew my results, tough. Hot women have been getting special treatment for years, and I don’t see why rum labels should be any different. And besides, simple math should set you straight if you want to know where the rum should really stand.

So yeah, stay tuned – more rum ahead!

4 thoughts on “More Rum Goodie Packs (reviews forthcoming!)

  1. All of a sudden I have an intense desire to watch “The Shining.” Man it’s been a long time since I have seen either version…

  2. Very true… Very true… And in a strange twist of fate, it came on AMC just hours after my post. It was my lucky day.

  3. Something called a Rum Goody or Rum Goodie, never did see it spelled out, was served at the O Club in Gitmo Cuba. I don’t think they had anythihng what so ever to do with the memory of Mr. Goodman at the New Orleans hotel.

    Anyway, I was a Ensign assigned to the Supply Depot there and in those days an O Club was a good place to be after hours and on Saturdays. I don’t remember too much but in a tall glass over ice cubes – not too big – like from an ice machine. goes the rum, dark or light but light favored, lemonaid, and garnish. Again I may be wrong on this – I just drank them. A few times too many.

    They cost a dime. A bottle of rum from Puerto Rico was something like $1.10. I think they were liter bottles. No rum from Cuba after Fidel came to power but before then I was told it was like a dollar or two for a jug – 1/2 gallon? Basket around it? That was before my time. I was there in 1967-68. First tour of duty. We didn’t attach the word cocktail to it either!

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