Need a Last-minute Xmas Idea for your Favorite Pirate DJ?

Then look no further – it’s a party boat on wheels, complete with strippers (I assume they’re included in the nearly $200,000 pricetag.)

The company is called Runaground, and I think they need to send me a fleet of the things. Imagine the power I could wield! Yarrr!!!

7 thoughts on “Need a Last-minute Xmas Idea for your Favorite Pirate DJ?

  1. Glad you got my email!! When I hit the lottery I’m buying one and I’ll loan it to you for DJ gigs…yargh, yargh, yargh

  2. Sweet! A bloke out here in CO actually built a street legal pirate ship that looked rather similar to one of these. I got to ride it through Denver to a midnight showing of Muppet Treasure Island, and it might have been the most epic thing that’s ever happened to me, haha. He was actually planning on bringing it to BrethrenCon, but the insurance, gas, and other expenses to run the thing became completely astronomical, so he sadly had to sell it. Now it’s somewhere out in San Francisco. Sad day.

  3. Eye’ed Like to pull up in one of those at an Outdoor Drive-In Theater to watch POTC4 ! LoL

    The real party would be before, during and,after !…

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