New Masthead!

At long last, the final (and certainly one of the most important) pieces of the Bilgemunky 4.0 conversion is complete – the new masthead! I’m sure you’ve noticed already, but the new artwork is nothing short of smashing.

Cooper Designs did the deed, and a right fine job it was! Brad Cooper has been doing quality pirate art for some time now – you’ve likely seen his work in No Quarter Given. They don’t yet have a website available just yet (soon), but for now they can be reached at

There are still a few tunes and tweaks before I can safely say the site is 100%, but for the most part, this is our new look going forward. Hope you love it as much as I do!

12 thoughts on “New Masthead!

  1. Now THAT is some good art. Good stuff mate, but why does the monkey have a bigger hat then you? I know why.

  2. Who’s cruising? I’ve been in port for months waiting for that fight. I also notice a “cream” colored trim or as you put it “dirty white” trim on that hat of yers. Getting lucky on technicalities, are we?

    Yes Red MUCH bigger boobs. The monkey’s pistols are also loaded unlike Bilge who is shooting blanks.

    That’s right….. I went there.

  3. Very nice, better than that blue one. Although, who be that rat next ta the monkey?

    And how do I get the picture next to my comments?

  4. I’ll grant you that one, Mad L – it’s indeed a smidge bigger than I’d envisioned. But damn, I look so gooood!

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