Ninja vs. Pirate Mobile is heavily biased

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Shennanigans! I cry shennanigans! The Ninja vs. Pirate mobile might at first appear a good-natured effort to balance out the PvN debate, or perhaps to hang over your child’s crib to teach them tolerance for both parties. But let’s consider – all the figures, pirate and ninja alike, are in stealthy black shadow form. And… AND… it clearly has no music box like a proper mobile should, so where are the boisterous sea songs? If the mobile is entirely silent, entirely black, and is designed to sway gently in the breeze likeĀ a leaf on the wind, then tell me it’s not biased towards ninjas and therefore intended to corrupt young minds???

Don’t bother trying to buy one – I already bought them all. To douse them in rum and set them aflame. Pirates strike back, yo ho ho.

One thought on “Ninja vs. Pirate Mobile is heavily biased

  1. I completely agree with BM. Where are the vomit stains? Why is there not ONE pirate that is currently passed out in the gutter?

    I’m not worried about the mobile nearly as much as I am the owner of that ancient typewriter. Don’t those thing slide from left to right where corrections are a pain in the ass to fix?

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