Now For Something Awesome…

So we started the day with some very lame news about Pirates of the Caribbean’s Armada of the Damned. Let’s now move on to something pretty sweet – a Captain Morgan commercial (say wuuut?!?)

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have some respect Captain Morgan Rum. They seem comfy in their own skin as a decent spiced mixer rum – the choice of frat boys everywhere. Unlike some other “rail” rums (*choke* Bacardi), I’ve never seen them attempt any pretense of being top shelf. Plus, they have a pirate on the label, so that’s a plus.

Well, whether you love or hate the Morgan, you gotta love this commercial. I don’t have cable, so rum TV commercials often miss me – thank goodness I have loyal listeners to bring such awesomeness as this to my attention:

3 thoughts on “Now For Something Awesome…

  1. Very Interesting,Very interesting,Maybe the Wench has some Pirattitude as well.Me only wishes me had come to Ft.Myers that way,fer the Pirate gathering last wknd.What a way to kick off the wknd fer sure.It’s a Rhum night here in Okieland.A landlubber Pirates life at 40. Oh wow,some ol’Mummy movies to cure the

  2. It took all these years but the Captain has finally mated… In 9 months we can look forward to all sorts of baby themed Captain Morgan products.

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