Oh Carp, They’re On To Us…

Milky Way ‘tastes of raspberries and smells of rum’ | Metro.co.uk.

That’s right, scientists – SPACE scientists – are now running around telling everyone that the center of the galaxy smells like rum. Which means they’re getting very close to learning why it smells like rum, and that’s a secret we pirates just can’t afford to have get out. Not just yet, anyways.

Remember what they say about “the best laid plans,” mates. Secrecy at this point is critical, so keep yer yaps shut and stick to your orders. And if you see a space scientist knock them unconscious and send them my way. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT harm them as they may yet prove useful.

2 thoughts on “Oh Carp, They’re On To Us…

  1. By the title, I would have guessed the center of the universe smells like fish. What does Carp have to do with anything?

    Beyond that, I think those scientists where experimenting with L.S.D. or perhaps Jet while staring at a picture for too long.

    Carp! I didn’t even know they even discovered the center of the universe.

  2. Not only have they found our rum, but they’ve found my freakin’ raspberries! My evil plan for universal domination (of Chambord) is in danger!

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