3 thoughts on “Old Spice Guy on Pirates and Ninjas

  1. First major problem. “Once the pirate is subdued”. Apparently, Mr. Old Spice there hasn’t met the pirates I have. Subdual is not an option. Plying them with rum until they pass out is an option, as per Calico Jack and his crew. Luring them away with the promise of treasure is an option, usually with a cunningly drawn treasure map with obscure landmark references and a large ‘X’. Subdual only works if the pirate has an ulterior motive and obviously WANTS to be subdued, such as when a group of wenches is in dire need of pleasing. Now, had he said “Once the NINJA is subdued”, THAT is super-believable.

  2. He has no clue let alone the person who wrote his script!
    Eye will be coming out with my own brand of Ninja and pirate You Tube movie soon. We begin filming on the 21st..
    So Tuned! We will send that Old Spice Guy back to the showers! Eagh eagh!!!!!!!

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