Pirate Math

So I was thinking…


Pirate+Ninja=Navy Seal


Pirate+Santa Claus=The Gordon Fisherman

([Pirate/Train Conductor]^Chimney Sweep)+([Synchronized Swimmer/Scuba Instructor]^The Cryptkeeper)=Zombie Hobo Ballerina


The beauty of mathematics is everywhere, if you only know how to look 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pirate Math

  1. I have to agree with Bilge.

    Hobo + Tricorn = Pirate

    Pirate + Rhyme = Meteorologist

    Pirate / Shark = Peg Leg

    Pirate – Pirate + Camera = Disney Film

    Pirate + Hooker = BLF >:D

    Pirate – Manly stature = Bilgemunky

    Nerd + Rum – Vomit = Redbeard

    Doglock > Bilgemunky

    It’s like I’m a drunken mathemetician of some kind.

  2. I’d retaliate, but it’s not necessary. After all, you haven’t heard what I said about you during last night’s Bilgemunky Radio yet >:)

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