Pirate Playoffs 2011 at Seabeaver!

It’s the time of year again when we all vote for the Best Pirate Ever at Seabeaver! Last year’s winner was Blackbeard – this year I’m gunning for the dark horse LeChuck!

Pirate Playoffs 2011! « The Seabeaver

Vote for your favorite to see them face off against Blackbeard at the end of the battle! If your favorite isn’t in the running don’t be sad, it just means you like lame pirates.

OK, I guess you can be a little sad.


10 thoughts on “Pirate Playoffs 2011 at Seabeaver!

  1. I actually think One-Eyed Willy has a shot against Long John Silver, and I’ll tell you why. He’s a fairly successful pirate, and he knows how to booby trap the sh*t out of his hiding places. Sure, a group of kids managed to sneak past all of that–but Long John Silver got outwitted by young Jim Hawkins. Willy died a pirate on his own terms, and he had a ton of gold to boot. Silver died a wretch in the streets, if I remember correctly. Also, Willy was one of the few successful pirates to visit the state of Oregon. So, that means something.

  2. Never even heard about One-Eyed Willy. However, Long John (at least in Treasure Island) was last heard sneaking out from Hispaniola with bag of stolen gold.

    He has only one leg and that also ties up one of his hands with crutch. But i never read about him getting into duels either. Backstabbing and shooting were more his hallmarks.

    I also made a quick survey of other fictional pirates.

    One-Eyed Willy, who managed to collect a sizable treasure, sail into some sort of cave, block and boobytrap it and then die on top of it. Kinda like Captain Flint

    Dread Pirate Roberts, a wildcard. All is dependent on the man who is currently behind the mask.

    Crimson Pirate, i think that one is from Burt Lancaster film. Never seen it, description is also vague on the shores of internet. No opinion.

    Captain Barbosa: Mutineer, pirate, former undead captain of Black Pearl. Good with sword and guns. Stylish and a competitor

    The Black Pirate: The count of Monte-Christo hired The Phantom for revenge. Out of the whole pirate view for my taste.

    Evil Pirate Le Chuck: Undead voodoo-using pirate, who is also constantly outwitted and outlucked by young resourceful man. Overly obsessive about one woman. An OK guy

    Captain Peter Blood: Actually read the book. Former medic, sold to slavery, escaped, captured a ship and plundered spaniards until his parole and governourship. Like Henry Morgan, but much more pleasant fellow. Also a strong competitor

    Take it with the mouthful of salt or with jug of grog, but i stand behind Long John

  3. Looks like they’re going to play it safe and not use Jack Sparrow this year, thanks to the hacker from last year.

  4. From what I gathered, the hacker was actually in favor of The Black Pirate winning more than the upset of Jack Sparrow. As much as we wanted to bring Jack Sparrow back this year, we thought it made better sense to remove all of the losers from the 1st round to make way for new contestants. Don’t worry. Jack Sparrow will be back next year. I promise.

  5. I’ll go with Captain Blood.To bad jamie-boy from the Black Swan didn’t make it,Oh well maybe next Year.:)X

  6. Ned Low is probably the most brutal, but I’d give the win for historical pirates to Black Bart for his ingenuity.

  7. Well, so far so good.

    It is Grace O’Malley vs Black Bart and Long John Silver vs Barbarossa

  8. It does my heart good to see the top two include a woman and a disabled man. We are a good and open minded bunch.

  9. Ah, we seem to do well with show and flair. Even on the account of women and cripples.

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