Pirate’s Gospel Video

Amongst the many and varied tunes we play on Bilgemunky Radio, few are even fit to kiss Pirate’s Gospel’s coat tails. A definite favorite with listeners, it’s easily in the top 3 or 5 pirate-core songs of all time, in my guestimation. So as a special treat to Bilgemunky Radio Listeners (I think we’ve decided to call them Bilgerats, which has a better ring to it than Bilge-keteers, although it also seems a little vague. Ok, enough with the tangent) I’m thrilled the share this video of Alela Diane’s The Pirate’s Gospel.

4 thoughts on “Pirate’s Gospel Video

  1. Love the song and really like the dark video, looks better then that stuff on MTV! If they even have music videos on MTV now.

  2. Kinda wish there was more then the baptism scenes with the singer but still a heartfelt, moarnful and yet charismatic song. As Bilge proudly announces, a worthy top 5 tune and display.

  3. So, no more “Bilge-keteers?” Awww! Now what am I gonna do with these little purple-eared pirate hats I made everybody? Can we still do role-call in the chatroom?

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