“Pirates of the Carrots and Peas” FAILS!

Meet the Pirates of the Carrots and Peas – Modern Healthcare.

I gotta call foul on this one – it is not ok to take our precious piracy and recklessly utilize it towards any and all projects, organizations, or causes. Pirates of the Carrots and Peas is “a determined band of healthcare policy experts and human resource specialists whose aim is to improve worker productivity and lower health spending, saving companies millions.”

Really? Sorry mates, but that just doesn’t pass muster. I’m not commenting on the worthiness of the cause, just the title “Pirates of the Carrots and Peas.” Veggie Tales trying to pose as pirates was bad enough, but at least they did it in a funny way. But trying to make corporate health care reform sexy by┬áincluing the word pirate is just weak. And I have to wonder where excessive rum consumption fits within the PotCaP’s policies, hrmmm? Although Spaniard stabbin’ does make for some right fine aerobic activity.

5 thoughts on ““Pirates of the Carrots and Peas” FAILS!

  1. I really hope that I live long enough to see Mobsters of the early 20’s being used as characters for child programming. Bilge, I really wish you had a rant section because I got a long one for this type of offense to us pirates.

    When did the scurvy bearing, cutlass swinging, friend backstabbing for profit pirate become alluring to child media?

    So many to blame but not enough legal license to cut them. =(

  2. Actually, I don’t have a problem with pirates being sold to kids via cartoons, etc. Hell, when I was a kid I was obsessed with pirates. Now – as then – my interest is selective. I don’t advocate murder, rape, or pillaging. But I do advocate a freedom loving spirit, rum appreciation, and big awesome hats. And so no, I don’t actually have a problem with The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, because they were fun and piratey.

    You know what’s not fun and piratey? Health care reform. Hence my criticism of The Pirates of the Carrots and Peas.

  3. I blame Disney, first and foremost. Then again, I suppose one ought to blame Gilbert and Sullivan as well, for pansy-fying the pirate image for the sake of farce, a practice that certainly contributed to some of the pirates in Peter Pan, especially in the Disney cartoon.
    Of course, if you want to raise pirate-obsessed creative people, get ’em while they’re young!
    And so, I provide both the argument and the rebuttal for my own debate yet again.

  4. “and big awesome hats.”
    You sir are the perfect candidate for the catholic church. I hear they judge authority by the size of hats.

    “God must be wearing a huge freakin’ sombrero up in heaven.”
    “Of course I’m God, look at the size of my hat! Who else would I be?!”

    -D. Leary

  5. Eye have to agree heartily with the BilgeMunkey and must add
    that Eye care not fer the further exploitation of people in the work place under the guise created by such programs..More fer nothing they want and more is never enough has always been my experience..Thankless bastards!

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